BB TECHNOLOGY Software understand the complex world with its ever growing market, changing technologies and employee attrition that keep shifting and changing and thus we realize the importance of preparing skilled man power in high-end technologies. Being prepared can only result in success. With this view, our training programs focus on providing high-end software education and training.

BB TECHNOLOGY have a strong track record in delivering high quality corporate training and custom designed to meet the needs of your business, employees and individuals.We offers training in many different technologies and are experienced at designing a range of bespoke training solutions to help meet the specific needs of your business. We have Our proven track record of high quality training, technical excellence and highly qualified, certified, talented instructors with proven industrial experience. We offer the opportunity to increase the skills of your workforce and Motivate your employees to achieve their goals thru our High quality training solutions. Delivery of training programmes in the workplace or on our premises at a time that suits you.

We offer:

As organizations seek to optimize their ROI in human capital, We are the best choices for organizations. Our Corporate training programs combine latest theory with a practical real time interactive delivery style enabling clients to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience. The goal of corporate training is to develop and enhance individual competencies which align with the framework of organizations requirements to address its business challenges. We partners with organizations to leverage its powerful training expertise in enabling the organizations to achieve its objective in human capital investments.

Well equipped to perform a thorough and accurate Training Needs Analysis and a dedicated team of product specialists specialized in various high end technologies, work with our clients to plan, develop & deliver an effective curriculum that is most appropriate and deliver optimum value to organizations. Our programs are focused on helping organizations meet or exceed operational performance goals in terms of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence.

We works on Custom learning programs developed on request form individual candidates or corporate to meet their training need requirements. With the experience gained from implementation of client projects, our training specialists will work with your business managers to develop dedicated workshops or training programs that cover aspects required to fulfill your various technical, skill development, competency mapping programs.

Custom learning programs can use a variety of formats including:

Online Training:

We in its mission to provide cost effective innovative training services in latest software technologies has started online training service which is accessible to one and all globally. Our online software training program is designed to provide rich learning experience for students through our Live Interactive Environment which is accessible from the comfort of the home by internet. Our online training program is backed by a team of highly trained and competent IT experts with innovativeideas and dynamic actions.

Online Training program features:


Workshops support discussion and a collaboration of ideas thus encouraging creativity. Workshops work well when ideas need to be generated and combined Workshops provide a corporate view when there are representatives from various industry domains. We offers workshops in various software technologies catering to various industry domains.

Our Workshops can be customized to the needs of corporate organizations where they can request for a workshop on the required software technologies. We also offers a series of workshops that build on one another. Workshops are led by highly competent industry drawn IT experts who impart the best training and share their real time knowledge with the participants. One of the best features of our workshops is a small instructor-participant ratio which enables the participant and instructor to have maximum interaction.

The workshops are supported with lab exercises and materials which enables the participants to have a practical experience. Our Workshops are conducted for short periods aimed at different sections of working/non working IT professionals thus making it convenient for them to update their knowledge without much interference of their daily job activities. Weekend workshops are conducted to cater to the requirements of IT professionals staying at other parts of the country.

Features of Workshop:

Individual Courses:

Individual students can enroll for any courses standrad individal courses offered by BB TECHNOLOGY Software Services. The student can also customize a training program according to their requirements by selecting the required topics of the course, the number of sessions, and the schedule can select form the available list. A one to one session between a student and instructor can also be scheduled.

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